Exhibition at the Art Hostel in Leeds with East Street Arts

Exhibition at the Art Hostel in Leeds with East Street Arts. As a number of works for the Tate Exchange last July were not distributed we are able to continue our exhibition program with this new opportunity on the 29th and 30 of November. East Street Arts are an artist lead organization and in line with the ethos of the VVM. All of the artists' works were available at the Tate Exchange and all artists had some works imparted to the public, however the unexpected high volume of art work precluded distributing every piece of work. We therefore had a surplus of work and are now taking this opportunity to share your works at the Art Hostel in Leeds in conjunction with Seeding Art Currency curated by Janine Sykes. The Tate Exchange was very successful and I was approached by several galleries and organization that were interested in hosting the project and I am proud to say that we will be continuing to share the artworks with the public and giving your work another platform for exposure. A list of the artists that are part of the program can be found on our site at under the page VVM8 Art Hostel Leeds.LIVERPOOL (UK)
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